Annoying Windows Updates

It is known that Windows updates can hurt your computer from time to time. We recommend turning off Windows (automatic) updates and changing the settings to manual. Unfortunately, sometimes these updates can break something else. I am a strong believer of doing 1 update at a time because massive updates can break something and you won’t know which update actually broke that one thing. So if you’re using Windows 7, the best way to change the update settings is to:

1) Click on Start at the bottom
2) Right click on “Computer” and choose properties
3) Choose Windows update option from the bottom left
4) Choose “Change settings” from the menu on the top left
5) Change the drop down menu to “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.”

This will additionally stop windows from installing those annoying updates on shut down or restart of your PC when you are least
expecting them.


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