Donating Used Computers

So we have spent some time putting some used computers together with parts that were donated from clients and I would like to thank all those clients that gave to this wonderful cause. ACD (Affordable Computer Doctor) will be donating these refurbished computers to a child who deserves it.

What we are requesting to qualify is:

1b) Tell us a story in less than 10 minutes via YouTube video or send us a link to your video about why you feel you deserve it.


1b) Click the contact button above and email us a 1-3 paragraph story on why you feel you deserve the computer. The story will be published for the winners.

2) The child must be attending school of any grade level.

Currently there are a total of 2 computers. Both come with Windows 7. Because monitors were not donated, this is the only missing element to the computer. Other then that, the computers are complete and ready to rock and roll!

Good luck!

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