How to Block Pornographic Websites in Your Network

Pornographic websites aren't socially accepted as a bad thing. Depending on the scenario, there are many reasons why you want to block these sensitive pages. Number one, as a parent, you’d wish to deny your children access to these obscene websites. Two, as a manager, you’re very particular with ethics in a work environment. Three, you just don’t want anyone within your network to visit these websites. And the list goes on and on. It is quite possible to block pornographic websites in your network. In fact, it just doesn’t apply to these kinds of websites. In general, you can actually set any kind of website inaccessible as your heart desires. The question is how?

Website Filtering Via Your Router

You can blacklist any website of your choosing using your router to prevent access to that selected URL. In...

Keeping Your Computer Free From Viruses In 2015

What is a Virus?

A computer virus, or simply a virus, is a malware program that when launched, duplicates and inserts itself into a computer program, files, hard drives, or in the boot sector. Not all viruses are the same. In fact, “virus” is just one of the many types of malicious software (or malware) out there. We can have Trojans, worms, rootkits, and to name a few. Virus was a dominant malware during the 1980s to 90s of which technology was slowly making its way into homes, and access has become easier. So when mentioned by the non-technology savvy, it pertains to the malware as a whole.

How Often and How Do Viruses Attack These Days?

Always remember that a malware is developed by someone, and it didn’t spring on its own. So in most cases, viruses...